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Project 1 - Levitation

Project 2 - Forced Perspective

Project 3 - Panning


Project 4 -

Spring Final






Insert a new Banner Here - Do not use your Banner from last Semester. (1000 px x 250 px 72 resolution)

Make it look professional.

1. Use a Background (Image, Color, or Gradient)

2. Add text that includes at least your first name and Digital Photo B (example: Heff's Digial Photo B Web Site).

3. Insert an Image, be sure to remove the backgournd of this image. NO SQUARE or RECTANGULAR IMAGES. You may not use images of people that are not clothed appropriatley. Exmples: Shirtless, Bikinis, etc. If you have to ask then don't use it. Use Photoshop to remove the image background and them paste the iimage into your Banner.

4. Save the Banner twice. First as a .psd format and then export for web.

5. Remove all this text and insert your Banner.