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PS A-1

PS A-2
Birdie Resize

PS A-3
Birdie Magazine

PS A-4
Birdie Web Graphic

PS A-5

PS A-6
Estonia House

PS A-7
Hotel Postcard

Leave Blank

PS A-8

PS A-9
Eagle Resize

Skip This Image

Pg. 24 Directions 7a - 7h


New File
Skills New


PS A-10
Make Room for Title

Tips for Completing PS A-11 steps.

c. Info Panel Menu

f. The Ratio setting is the same as the Unconstrained setting


PS A-11
Email Postcard

PS A-12
San Francisco

PS A-13
Web Graphic 1

PS A-14
Web Graphic 2

PS A-15
Web Graphic 3

TIP - Create a new file 3 inches Width, 9.25 inches Height, 72 Resolution with Black Background.

Select, Copy and Paste images PS A-16, 17 and 18 one at a time into the new file.

Move each image into correct location.

PS A-16



PS A-19



PS A-20
Mother's Love

PS A-21
Visual Solutions