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Click on an image file to download the image. It will show up at the bottom of your screen. Click it to open or go to Photoshop or Photopea and select file open then browse to te location. It is usually in the downloads folder.



PS A-1


PS A-2
Birdie Resize


PS A-3
Birdie Magazine


PS A-3
Birdie Web Graphic

PS A-4

PS A-5


PS A-6
Estonia House


PS A-7
Hotel Postcard

Leave Blank
Leave Blank


PS A-8

Spiderman | Green Goblin

Mickey | Goofey

Part 1 Video | Part 2 Video


PS A-9
Eagle Resize

Video Link

Skip This Image

Pg. 24 Directions 7a - 7h


New File
Skills New

PS A-10
Make Room for Title

Video Link

Tips for Completing PS A-11 steps.

c. Info Panel Menu

f. The Ratio setting is the same as the Unconstrained setting


PS A-11
Email Postcard

Video Link

PS A-12
San Francisco


PS A-13
Web Graphic 1


PS A-14
Web Graphic 2


PS A-15
Web Graphic 3


TIP - Create a new file 3 inches Width, 9.25 inches Height, 72 Resolution with Black Background.

Select, Copy and Paste images PS A-16, 17 and 18 one at a time into the new file.

Move each image into correct location.

PS A-16

PS A-17

PS A-18




PS A-19




PS A-20
Mother's Lov


PS A-21
Visual Solutions

Tallinn per heff